Friday, June 8, 2018

You were wrong Sex | Onions and Garlic | Alcohol | Spending | Stress

You were wrong ??  Benefits Sex | Onions and Garlic | Alcohol | Spending | Stress

Sex :
Science says there are a lot  of incredible health benefits from sex. Having sex can relieve stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, boost your immunity, and of course make you feel more connected with your partner.
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Having sex at least once a week can also safeguard your DNA and help you live longer.

Alcohol :
Alcohol protects us against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which  causes ulcers and may lead to stomach cancer.

Drinking three to six glasses of wine or one to two half-pints of beer a week showed 11 percent fewer infections. Drinking more than one or two alcoholic drinks a day may increase your risk of mouth, throat, esophageal, liver, and breast cancers.

Onion and Garlic :
When it comes to cancer-fighting foods, onions are given more importance. Onions have powerful antioxidant properties, as well as compounds that inhibit cell growth, which are protective against cancers.
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The Iowa Women’s Health Study showed that women who consumed the highest amounts of garlic had a 50 percent lower risk of colon cancer compared with women who ate the least.

Stress :
When psychologists recently asked nearly 2400 people about their history of adverse experiences, they found that those who had faced problems in their life were more adjusted compared to those who had no bumps or problems. Stress teaches you how to become stronger because every time your brain is practicing it.

Its good to be stressed.

“Having to deal with challenges may toughen us up,” explains psychologist Mark Seery, PhD.

Savings and expenses:
We have been told that we should control the expenses and increase the saving. We should spend according to our resources. But study says that people who ignored this had ended up earning more that who did follow.
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Here, the people who wanted to spend had started putting more efforts to earn so eventually they had more savings remaining after spending on expenses. Other people who were saving they didn't break this mentality and thought that saving will help them. But as far as inflation is concerned, earning more is better that savings.

Let us know your thoughts and experiences on above topics.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

End of Facebook??? #Deletefacebook

Is this the end of Facebook???

Facebook confirms data-sharing agreements with Chinese firms

Huawei shared data from 3 other Chinese companies: Facebook

News is coming from New York : Facebook has acknowledged that it shared the data of users with Chinese companies like Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo and TCL. According to a report published in the Financial Times, Vice President of Facebook's Mobile Partnership, Francisco Varela has said that many technology companies work with Huawei.

Francisco Varela, Vice President of Facebook's Mobile Partnership further said, "Considering the interest of the Congress (American Parliament) in this matter, we want to make it clear that whatever information was shared with Huawei from this consolidation, it was the only store in the user's device and not Huwai In the server. "

Facebook confirmed after the New York Times report that it was said that the Facebook had provided access to data from users to around 60 different device makers, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and BlackBerry are also included.

Facebook is at centre of this dispute and whether it was used to influence the outcome of the US 2016 presidential election or the UK's referendum on leaving the EU.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in May apologised to EU lawmakers for it's role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and for allowing fake news to proliferate on its social media platform.

Would you still trust facebook and it's privacy? Many leaders are supporting #deleteFacebook initiative keeping our privacy in mind.

Latest know about your views on this issue.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Patanjali SIM 144 Plan Launched ??

Patanjali SIM 144 Plan: How To Avail Patanjali-BSNL Offer And Other Benefits

Price :
Rs.144, Rs.792, Rs.1584

Benefits : 
Free roaming, 2 GB of mobile data per day and 100 SMS per day for the respective validity periods.

Validity :
30 days 180 days 365 days

Availability :
Currently available to members of Patanjali organizational

Few members as follows;
Bharat Swabhiman Nyas, Patanjali Yog Samiti, Mahila Prakoshta, Yuva Bharat and Patanjali Kisan Seva.

There is a good news for who are not members of Patanjali Family can subscribe and buy Swadeshi Samriddhi card of Patanjali and produce the same to buy BSNL yaadnjali 144 Plan," state-run BSNL announced.

There is a membership card through which the FMCG company offers up to 10 per cent discount on its products. The Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card comes at a membership fee of Rs 100.

BSNL-Patanjali card comes with the medical and life insurance covers of Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. This may benefit uses in some way.

Will keep eye on it and will keep you updated.

Let us know about your views whether it will work or not.

NASA for SALE???


Yes you heard right. Your favorite or dream company will be for sale.

NASA’s new administrator is talking to companies to take over the International Space Station.

News is coming from Washington that NASA is talking to different international companies about forming a  private corporate group that would take over operation of the International Space Station and run it as a commercial space lab, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in an interview.

The White House announced earlier this year it would end government funding of the station in 2025.

“We are what position now where there are people out there that can do commercial management of the International Space Station,” Mr. Bridenstine said in his first ever interview since being sworn in as NASA administrator in April. “I’ve talked to many large corporations that are ready to participate and getting involved in that through a consortium, if you will.”

Operations of NASA cost around 3 billion to 4 billion dollar every year. It is ran by an international partnership that includes the United States, Japan, Canada, Russia and the European Space Agency.

Mr. Bridenstine has not disclosed the names of interested companies yet.

Let us know in the comments section how can NASA be saved??

A Ray of hope, Indian Scientist Makes a revolutionary discovery, which can detect cancer 6 years in Advance.

A Ray of hope, Indian Scientist Makes a revolutionary discovery, which can detect cancer 6 years in Advance.

We all have questions like can cancer be cured? Can we cure cancer naturally? Why there never can be cure for cancer? How to get rid of cancer?

Cancer, A disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue.

Cancer is the deadliest disease that humans encounter in their lives.

Millions of dollars have been spent to discover cure for cancer. Dr Zahra Hussaini, discovered something that can save millions of lives of this planet.

About Dr. Zahra Hussaini
Managing Director at Smiles by Zahra and Director at C-Test Medicals Private Limited, Mumbai, India :

A practicing Dental Surgeon with over 16 years experience in the specialized field of Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry. Principal investigator in Research for Early detection of Oral Cancer. Has a patented tool for detecting Oral Cancer years in advance. Ready to start a nationwide stir with awareness to our people of India and training doctors with the specialized patented tool for early detection. This will not only create awareness ( Cancer is curable if detected early ) but also bring down the numbers of Oral cancers in the coming years.
Honored by the prestigious “Glory of India Award” on “Parvasi Bhartiya Divas” in New Delhi for the outstanding achievement in the field of Dentistry.

The kit with she has patented can detect cancer 6 years in advance so now we can control number of deaths. She is going to Target rural areas because most of the cases are from there.
She has founded below mentioned organization.

(For more details you can visit )

Let us know in comment section whether you are proud of Indian doctors and scientist !!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Actor and producer Arbaaz Khan and Film maker Sajid Khan to be jailed and to go behind the bars ???

Actor and producer Arbaaz Khan and Film maker Sajid Khan to be jailed ???

Till now investigators have more than 7 names in IPL betting issue.

After actor and filmmaker Arbaaz Khan Two more important names has come up and those are Parag Sanghavi and Murad Khaitan and slowly few more names from Bollywood are expected to come up in connection with the Indian Premier League betting racket.

Salman Khan (Actor and brother of Arbaaz Khan) has been continuously asked about this issue and he is not able to give any statement.

On Friday, Arbaaz Khan had confessed that he lost around 2.80 crore. But he also said that he did not play in recent IPL.

Bookie Sonu Jalan has told the Thane police that filmmaker Sajid Khan was into the cricket betting racket seven years ago.

Jalan, confessed investigators that filmmaker Sajid Khan was one of his clients and he used to place bets for him.

Thane anti extortion cell recovered screenshots from Jalan's phone of betting in IPL matches.

Let us know your views income infection on betting in India.

Ranveer singh Deepika padukone to get married this year ?????

Ranveer singh Deepika padukone to get married this year ?????

Being a fan you must be wondering about it.

People are searching for ranveer Deepika wedding date ranveer Deepika wedding photos ranveer Deepika wedding destination blah blah blah

After Virat and Anushka marriage people have been looking for this couple to get

In their public appearances, it looks like they are too close and ready to get married.

Their fans and whole film industry looks eager to know and excited to attend this wonderful future event.

According to inside news and rumours, it can be said that they have already started planning about wedding location, invitations etc

Ranveer Singh can't Stop expressing his love for deepika in any event he attends. And deepika's reaction on it always will be positive and admitting that she loves him too.

Let us know about your views on this love for this couple and their marriage.